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I am pleased to tell you that there was a man, recently deceased, with enormous courage that had a great enough reputation with our man-made government agencies, including the Army, FEMA, and NASA and NATO, to do the research/homework that took him years to be invited to “witness” the read-only report in the office of NATO. The report NATO commissioned and brought together various agencies to put a 3-year study about why we are being visited by about 57 races that are not of this Earth. The title of the Report he read was, Cosmic Top Secret.

Robert O. Dean,  Sargent Major was also  at Leeds University in the U.K. informed us of the content. When you see the video here, you will see why you must help make it available. The Leeds talk is different than this video you can see when you donate. Please see The God Channel  for Innovation 2020 on this website for information on classes on this subject.

Paul Hellyer, as the previous Canadian Minister of  Defense who is now deceased, made a very urgent and provocative plea to all of us and especially our leaders. This video was taken down but fortunately because it was sent  to others we were able to capture it so all people could see it on our website. In other videos with Paul Hellyer on YouTube people seem to be astounded he did this talk. We are very thankful he did.

Captain Robert Salas at the 2013 National Press Club in Washington D.C. at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure revealing what he witnessed at a Minute Man Missle site.

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